Probiotics are not all the same

For quality and safety, look for HOWARU® strains in the supplements you buy.

Take the guesswork out of shopping for a probiotic product. When you see the HOWARU® seal or any of our HOWARU® Signature Strains listed in the ingredients, you can rest assured you are getting the highest-quality probiotic supplement available.

Clinical Testing

Our HOWARU® Signature Strains are studied in human clinical trials to demonstrate specific benefits.

Safety Screenings

Rigorous testing ensures that our strains are completely safe.

Stability Guarantee

Our strains are strong enough to thrive in products on the shelf and tough enough to survive in your stomach.

Strain Verification

We make sure the strain in the product you buy is exactly the same one that was studied in our clinical trials.

FDA Evaluations

Our HOWARU® probiotic strains are Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) and have been accepted with no questions by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

The scientists behind HOWARU®

Hear from some of the people who have dedicated their careers to advancing probiotic science.

Which Probiotic Is Right for You?

The right choice can make a big difference for your health

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