Good Health Starts in the Gut

You know probiotics are good for you, but how do you know which one to choose?

HOWARU® strains are clinically shown to be safe, effective, and robust.

The probiotics you find in supplements are not all the same—there are actually hundreds of different types, called “strains.” One strain might help your stomach feel better, while another strain can help keep your gums healthy, and another one can boost your immune system.

You can find HOWARU® probiotic strains in many of the probiotic supplements on the market today. Unlike other probiotics, HOWARU® Signature Strains are all:

Clinically Studied and Effective

Our probiotic strains are carefully tested under strict conditions to ensure they provide real health benefits.


From genetic screening to an FDA evaluation, our strains go through many rigorous quality and safety tests.


Probiotics are living things—and they need to stay that way in order to work. Our probiotics are designed to survive and thrive on the shelf and throughout your digestive system.

Understanding Probiotics

What is a probiotic? Get the facts.

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